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Chariots of chaos, or a carriage of Buddhist monks? It’s up to you how you manage your organisation. BizzThink was set up with the idea of bringing a peaceful mind to you and your people and ensuring the full synergy effect (yes, we know it’s a buzzword these days) of all the activities of your organisation.

Vision and Strategy
Your company should focus activities around four key perspectives.


Would you like to be financially successful? Do you know how the company you are in charge of should be perceived by its shareholders or owners so that you could be said to be financially successful? Let us tell you what exactly you need to do for that to happen.



The satisfaction of customers or clients and business owners is the top priority! Which of your organisation’s internal processes and procedures should you improve to be regarded by those people as a genius? We know it and will be happy to share the knowledge with you.



An innovatively managed organisation must be flexible to succeed and develop. Let us check how you can create or improve your capacity to change, develop and improve your efficiency so that you could achieve your organisation’s vision.



Ask yourself the question: “Do I know how my business should be perceived by my customers or clients so that I could deliver its mission?” If you don’t, we can help you – by giving you a detailed set of instructions and recommendations to be followed on your way to achieving this goal.

Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

It is said that goals are easy to achieve. Just don’t lost sight of them. That’s the theory. What about the practice? That is the job of the system we can implement for you. It will put your organisation on a path leading to the achievement of its vision, mission and strategy for synergy effects.

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  • bad
  • acceptable
  • good

In the shoes of your customers

It’s almost like reading your customers’ minds.

Financial matters

Managing your organisation’s finance strategically will give you a peaceful mind.


Good organisation and order will save you time and money.

Prospects for development

It feels great to be able to do your work, knowing that your organisation is developing.

How do we work

Professionally, but flexibly. Securely, but creatively. Briefly speaking, we work smartly.

How do we work?


We will begin with an audit of your organisation to see how it works.

This will be followed by a summary of our conclusions that we will share with you. Simply, clearly and comprehensibly, and always taking your individual needs and expectations into account.

What do we do at this stage of the process?

  • We will provide you with introductory training to give you a brief presentation of the idea of BSC.
  • We will then analyse and clarify your organisation’s vision, mission and strategy (or create them from scratch, before implementing the system).
  • We will take a close look at your strategic goals.
  • We will review your key processes and prod
  • We will scrutinise your organisational structure.
  • We will define your strategic potential, including KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), KLPs (Key Leverage Points) and BIs (Business Implications).
  • We will analyse your organisation’s existing management systems.
  • Finally, we will check other areas specific to the business of your organisation.

Developing a management model

The next stage in the process is to develop a management model for your organisation. This will incorporate both the theory and practice of management.

However, we will not work it on our own. Do you expect the best results? Be prepared to work closely with us. And what makes us stand out? We specialise in implementing Balanced Scorecard solutions.

What do we do at this stage of the process?

  • We will adapt your organisation’s vision, mission and strategy to the target BSC solution.
  • We will develop a map of your organisation’s key activities and processes.
  • We will prepare a map of your organisation’s strategies.
  • We will communicate and verify all that to and with your organisation’s managers, including through surveys.
  • We will assign or formulate goals, objectives and performance measures for your initiatives. We will consider various factors, including financial matters, your customer’/clients’ perspective, processes, teaching and development
  • We will verify the cost intensity of obtaining data.
  • We will then use all this to develop a preliminary version of a BSC solution for your organisation.

Tests and modifications

Once we design a solution for you, we can go ahead with testing.

We will keep testing and modifying your organisation’s management system until all of us are satisfied.

What do we do at this stage of the process?

  • We will test the preliminary version of the BSC solution for your organisa
  • We will check the consistency and logic of the system.
  • We will check how the system is supported by additional systems (e.g. ISO, ABM, ABB, JIT, TQM, ABC, VBM, Kaizen, 5S etc).
  • We will demonstrate the results of our work to your organisation’s management and listen to their remarks.
  • We will make the necessary corrections.
  • We will check the operation of the system as a complete solution.
  • We will choose IT resources to work with the system.

Implementing the system

Now the system is ready to be implemented. This, however, is no goodbye.

We will monitor the system once implemented and will always be there to take your call. Unless we’re away at a teambuilding event.

What do we do at this stage of the process?

  • We will build a manager’s control panel for you.
  • We will demonstrate the results of the implementation process.
  • We will prepare a report on the operation of the system.
  • We will support the users of the system and your management in making use of the system.
  • We will show you how the system can be developed and cascaded.

Are you interested in our services?

If you have an interesting project but lack the resources to make it a reality, we are there to help you.
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